About us

Established in 1995, Shanghai Joysun(Including Shanghai Joysun Import  and Export Co.,Ltd. and Shanghai
Joysun Logistics Co.,Ltd.)has over 150 employees. Now we can provide onestop services on import and export agent, Customs clearance,transportation, bonded/non-bonded warehouse management,logistics distribution service and consultant services on trading policies and F.T.Z./W.B.L.P. policies in China.
Joysun is also good at compiling customized logistics solutions and providing IT support by designing special program. Combine the business activities into together, Joysun's business covers every link of 3rd-party logistics in modern society.
The total import and export volume of Shanghai Joysun has kept multipleincrease in latest years. For example, the volume is 130 million U.S.D. in 2000,270 million U.S.D. in 2001,350 million U.S.D. in 2002,540 million
U.S.D. in 2003,630 million U.S.D. in 2004,765 million U.S.D. in 2005. The sales income of Shanghai Joysun is more than 1,000 million R.M.B. every year from 2000.
Joysun is a comprehensive logistics management company, which core business is import, export and logistics management, including bonded and non-bonded warehouse, Customs declaration, commodity inspection, international and domestic transportation and applying for import licenses, etc.
One package service for import, export and logistics. All the problems of
import, export and logistics can be solved in time whenever you contact only one customer service representative of Joysun. We’ll suggest your business rocedures in a reasonable way with our professional skill, help you to control the operation risk, lower your business cost, really make you get rid of boring and tedious procedures of import, export and logistics, save your precious time and energy.